Welcome to the I Thrive Beyond Breast Cancer blog. If you have had a breast cancer diagnosis, and are wondering what you can do to reclaim your health, keep reading!

Research increasingly defines cancer as largely preventable through lifestyle changes. Breast cancer occurrence and survival have been linked to lifestyle and environmental factors, many of which are within our control. For those of us who already have breast cancer, the message is clear: a healthy lifestyle is our best chance at longevity.

What does this healthy lifestyle look like? According to the physician authors of After Cancer Care, this is what we can do:

  • Maintain a healthy weight

  • Engage in physical activity

  • Eat a Mediterranean-style diet

  • Avoid alcohol and smoking

  • Reduce stress

In this blog, we will provide details about these health behaviors, supporting research, and resources to reinforce your healthy choices. Read more on our “Begin Here” page, where you will find a breast cancer meal plan and breast cancer supplementation guide. We want you to be healthy and feel your best. This is self-care through science. It is a call to action!

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